BMW carbon-fiber fuel filler cap

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Fuel cap in carbon fiber or forged carbon to give your BMW a luxurious, sporty look. Available for all BMWs to achieve a finished look for your project.

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The carbon fuel cap for BMW is a high-quality accessory suitable for all BMW models. It is available in two different finishes: plain carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber. Both finishes are made from high-quality materials, offering enhanced durability and strength.

The carbon fuel cap for BMW also offers a touch of luxury to your car. The carbon fiber finish is elegant and sophisticated, which can enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

You'll also get an MPerformance insert as an aesthetic reminder of the brand's sporty credentials.

What's more, the carbon fuel cap is easy to install and fits perfectly on your car. It's also designed to offer maximum safety and prevent any risk of fuel leaks.

In short, the carbon fuel cap for BMW is a high-quality accessory that can add style and luxury to your car.



Carbon, Forged Carbon

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