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Series 4: A tradition of elegance and sportiness

Since its launch in 2013, the BMW 4 Series has embodied sporty looks and agility, combined with comfort and exclusivity. Yet its roots go back much further, inheriting the spirit of the legendary 02 Series (114 Series) and directly succeeding the BMW 3 Series Coupé. The tradition of two-door coupes has been anchored since the introduction of the sports sedan, dating back to the legendary 02 Series. From 1990, with the E36 series, the 3 Series Coupé stands out for its design, which is slightly lower and wider than that of the sedan. Long doors, frameless windows and a curved roof underline the vehicle's sporty character, an aesthetic that continues through two further generations (E46, E92).

The major turning point came in 2013, when the BMW 3 Series Coupé evolved into a new series, the BMW 4 Series (F32, F33, F36). Building on the revolutionary foundations of the 2 Series, the BMW 4 Series brilliantly merges driving pleasure, dynamics and confident looks in a single vehicle.

BMW 4 Series - Present and future

Since 2013, the BMW 4 Series, the result of the split of the two-door models (coupe and convertible) from the 3 Series, has asserted itself as a distinct series. The second generation, currently in production, introduces significant design changes, including redesigned, forward-sloping grilles for a stunning front end. With its evocative design and remarkable performance, the BMW 4 Series continues to mark the intersection between elegance and sportiness in the automotive world.

First-generation 4 Series

BMW 4 Series F32
BMW serie 4 F32

The 4 Series F32, launched in 2013, marked a significant evolution by separating the sedan and coupé versions of the 3 Series. This decision ushered in a new era of distinct vehicles, with the 4 Series distinguished by its increased width and wheelbase.

Its expressive design is characterized by short overhangs, an elongated hood and a recessed occupant cell. These elements give the car a unique, expressive silhouette. The wide rear section and narrow headlamps create a striking contrast with the brand's iconic features, such as the double round headlamps and double grille.

Wide rear wheel arches contribute to the imposing appearance of the first-generation 4 Series. The interior follows the same philosophy, with functional design and driver-focused geometry, delivering a fantastic driving experience.

The first-generation 4 Series range included the Coupé (F32), the Cabriolet (F33) with a modern folding hardtop, and the Gran Coupé (F36) launched in summer 2014, offering the combination of a sports coupe with four doors for an elegant marriage of comfort and vitality.

This generation, produced from 2013 to 2020, included turbo gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 liters, with 4- and 6-cylinder configurations. It is often referred to collectively as the F32. In parallel, the high-performance M4 models, F82/F83, equipped with the S55 turbo-six engine, were introduced in 2014.

The key dimensions of the 4 Series F32 were 4640 mm in length, 1825 mm in width and 1404 mm in height. This first-generation 4 Series left a distinct mark on the BMW lineage, combining dynamics, elegance and driving pleasure.

Second-generation 4 Series

BMW 4 Series G22
BMW 4 Series G22 coupe

The second-generation BMW 4 Series, represented by the G22 (coupé), G23 (cabriolet) and G26 (Gran Coupé) models, offers a redesigned experience with more generous dimensions than its predecessor, the BMW F32. Twelve centimetres longer and considerably wider, this 4 Series has a more imposing appearance.

A distinctive design element is the double nostrils positioned high and sloping forward, combined with the sloping headlamp frames, creating an impressive front end that evokes confidence and dynamism. Prominent rear wheel arches and rear side windows stretching towards the stern accentuate the Coupé's expressive character. The curved taillights, stretching to the sides and blending with the descending roof, add a striking finishing touch.

Inside, the functional cabin follows the precise design language of the BMW 4 Series, with the use of exclusive materials ensuring a distinctive, modern look.

This second generation of the 4 Series is available in three body variants: the coupé (G22), the cabriolet (G23) for those who prefer the wind in their hair, and the Gran Coupé (G26) offering a combination of elegance and sportiness with its four doors and large tailgate providing easy access to a spacious cabin.

In technical terms, the 4 Series G22/G23/G26 shares many features with the 3 Series G20, but with a center of gravity lowered by more than two centimeters and a rear track 23 millimeters wider, favoring sharper driving dynamics. Engines available are turbocharged petrol and diesel, with cylinders ranging from 4 to 6, offering power from 184 to 374 hp.

Production of this generation began in November 2020, and it continues to offer a driving experience that is both sporty and elegant.