How to install a starry car roof sky

Introduction :

A starry sky car is a special installation that recreates the appearance of a starry sky inside your car. This creates a relaxing and magical atmosphere, simulating the sensation of lying under a night sky dotted with twinkling stars.

Here's how it works: tiny LED lights are arranged on the roof of the car, usually in the shape of a constellation, to imitate the stars. These lights usually come in a range of colors, from white to blue, green or red, to add extra ambiance.

Some starry sky car installations also offer options for varying intensity and movement. For example, lights can flicker softly to mimic moving stars, or they can be fixed to create a calmer, more peaceful atmosphere.

When you switch on the starry sky car, the LED lights create a striking visual effect that transforms the interior of your vehicle into a veritable celestial spectacle. It's ideal for long car journeys, romantic evenings or simply relaxing after a stressful day.

starry sky car installation :

  1. Start by dismantling your canopy. It's usually glued in place. First, you'll need to remove all handles, sun visors, roof lights, etc. Then remove the headliner a little at a time, to avoid damaging it. Then remove it from the passenger compartment.
    remove car headliner
  2. First drill the canopy to the diameter of the optical fiber. It's important to avoid symmetries, and to favor concentrations of fiber in some places, leaving gaps in others.
    pierce car roof lining
  3. Now insert the fibers inside the holes and let them protrude from the other side of the bracket by about 1 or 2 cm (visible side of the bracket).
  4. Then apply a drop of translucent neutral silicone (on the non-visible side of the bracket) to hold the optical fiber in place.
  5. Repeat the operation until all the optical fibers are used.
    fiber optic protruding from car
  6. Gather all the fibers in the knob by turning it to tighten the optical fibers and hold them together.
  7. Now screw the fixing loop onto the spotlight.
  8. Place the spotlight in a part of the car above the roof, for example in the dome light.
  9. Run the power cord along the roof, then through the cover along the door, the aim being to bring it up to the level of the door. cigarette lighter socket.
  10. Depending on what you want to do, you can either connect the projector to a 12V to 220V converter, or cut the wire before the power socket, and connect the (+) and (-) wires to a cigarette-lighter extension lead for example, either with a weld or with quick connectors/dominos (you can find all these accessories in the "Electrical Accessories“).
  11. Pull up the headliner, passenger handles, dome light and sun visors, and check that everything works.
    starry sky fiber optics
And now your car is transformed into a Rolls-Royce! You can adjust the system directly using the remote control included in the kit.

It's advisable to install the starry sky by car to prevent the roof sky from getting damp.

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