Back pain in the car? Here is the solution!

Car back pain

the right reflexes :

Have you ever felt a stabbing pain in your lower back after driving for hours? Or maybe you've woken up with neck pain after a long car journey? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone. Back pain is a common problem among drivers and passengers alike, and it can make car journeys very uncomfortable. But don't worry, many solutions exist.

Lower back pain, stiff neck, tense shoulders: back pain in the car is not inevitable. By adopting a few simple reflexes, you can take care of your spine. 

Many factors contribute to back pain in the car. Often, poor posture held for too long and lack of movement are major factors in back pain.

Seat adjustment :

To adjust the seat-to-pedal distance, the vehicle must be at a complete standstill. The driver is firmly seated in the seat. If the legs are outstretched, the seat is too far away. 

If the knees are at an angle of less than 90°, the seat is too close together. For optimal foot position, the heel should touch the floor and the toe should press the pedal. 

To adjust the distance of the seat from the steering wheel, the shoulders must remain in contact with the backrest. Hands are placed on the steering wheel in the "10:10" position.

Arms slightly bent. If they are tense, move the seat closer. If the elbows are at an angle greater than 60°, move the seat back. To fine-tune focus, you can also adjust the height and depth of the steering wheel.

A salutary gesture to protect the neck and shoulder joints.

Backache in the car - the solution:

  • Backrest and headrest tilt adjustment

To avoid lumbar and hip pain, the torso should be straight (parallel to the steering wheel) and at an angle of around 90° to the legs. This means adjusting the angle of the backrest to find the right inclination. 

To support your cervical vertebrae and reduce back pain on long journeys and improve your comfort, you can find on our store a high quality Alcantara headrest to support your cervical vertebrae and reduce back pain in the car.

If the backrest is too straight, the lower spine suffers. If the backrest is tilted too far forward, the hip joint may be overstretched. If the backrest is tilted too far back, it can cause tension in the cervical region.

When the head rests on the headrest, the field of vision must be unobstructed, and there must be no tension in the cervical vertebrae or shoulders.

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