how to reduce neck pain in the car?

neck pain

Neck pain affects a large proportion of the population. Although it can be caused by trauma or medical conditions, it can also be due to stress and strain on the muscles supporting the neck, or to the nerves or bones in the neck. Common activities that can lead to neck stiffness include holding the head in an extended position and using the arms and upper body for long periods, which can be a fairly accurate description of driving a car.

The beginning: Good Posture.

Make sure you don't fully extend your arms while driving. Keep your arms relaxed with a slight flexion of the elbow to avoid overtaxing your muscles.

Cruise control can be a good option for long-distance driving. It also allows you to keep your feet flat on the ground. However, avoid sitting too long in bucket seats, as this can lead to hamstring and gluteal discomfort.

The 4 and 8 o'clock hand position can be more restful for shoulder and neck support, rather than the 10 and 2 position that is generally taught in driving schools.

Position your mirrors correctly so that you don't have to adjust them frequently while driving. Playing with mirrors while driving can be a sign that you've adjusted them incorrectly, which can lead to neck pain.

Finally, it's important to support your head with the headrest. Adjust it so that it touches the middle of the back of your head, to reduce strain on your neck muscles.

car neck pain

Use a head cushion to relieve neck pain!

A car seat headrest cushion is an ideal accessory for relieving pressure on your cervical spine. It fills the gap between the headrest and the driver's head, creating a natural support to maintain the curve of your cervical spine and relieve tension.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this pillow is engineered to adapt to the natural curve of the human body, support the normal size of the cervical spine and reduce fatigue after long periods of driving.

Made from memory foam, this pillow offers optimum comfort for your head and neck. When you use it, you'll be able to drive in complete relaxation and without neck pain.

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